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Do you need a blueprint for how to write and organize a quality-of-life plan? Are you wondering how to tackle issues of public safety in the community?  You don’t have to start from scratch.

We've incorporated a rich body of information from within and outside the LISC network for case studies, templates and other tools to help practitioners launch, expand and strengthen their work. 

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Check out this toolkit from Standford University, the US Partnership on Mobility from Poverty and Urban Institute for a step-by-step guide on measuring mobility that can be used when designing programs to support mobility from poverty. 

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Randy Oostra, CEO of ProMedica health care system, penned a report with the Democracy Collaborative describing how ProMedica embraces its role as an anchor in the Toledo community in "Embracing an Anchor Mission: ProMedica's All-In Strategy." 

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"Displacement of Lower-Income Families in Urban Areas" from HUD's Office of Policy Development and Research provides an analysis of gentrification in urban areas and why it happens.

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To help tackle problems around green and healthy housing, LISC created this "Green and Healthy Guide" to integrate cost-effective, healthy and green practices into existing affordable housing rehabilitation and property management.

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Browse through LISC's extensive archives to find the resources you need. Our library includes new resources and those that have been published and compiled over the years. 

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