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Do you need a blueprint for how to write and organize a quality-of-life plan? Are you wondering how to tackle issues of public safety in the community?  You don’t have to start from scratch.

We've incorporated a rich body of information from within and outside the LISC network for case studies, templates and other tools to help practitioners launch, expand and strengthen their work. You can find our complete library of resources, in addition to those featured below,  by following the link at the bottom of this page.

Featured Resources

A new report from LISC and Urban Institute shows how arts and culture can make neighborhoods safer places to live.  

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The University of Kansas has created a Community Tool Box with advice and resources on the basics of community health.

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The Opportunity Atlas, a new data tool from the U.S. Census Bureau and Harvard University’s research institute Opportunity Insights, can tell us how much the place where you grow up influence your chance for social mobility and economic opportunity

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The National Reentry Resource Center from the Council of State Governments collects a variety of resources that can help returning citizens as well as the people and organizations working to support them.

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This report from the Cornerstone Capital Group provides an overview of opportunities to make meaningful and profitable investments that empower communities both economically and culturally. 

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Browse through LISC's extensive archives to find the resources you need. Our library includes new resources and those that have been published and compiled over the years. 

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