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We know what you need to know

As with any new investment terrain, Opportunity Zones offer exciting possibilities. But it helps to have a guide. 

LISC is a veteran of fund management--we currently oversee funds totaling $460 million. We also have extensive experience with capital financing for large-scale development projects, including affordable housing and economic development projects. 

We've got experts

When it comes to doing housing development projects and economic development and retail projects in the Opportunity Zones, we've got the teams to make that happen.

Our affiliate the National Equity Fund (NEF), is a respected national leader in the affordable housing arena, and has syndicated $14 billion in Low Income Housing Tax Credits over the past three decades. NEF's investments have created nearly 2,600 quality affordable housing developments which, in turn, revitalize communities and strengthen local economies. 

The New Markets Support Company (NMSC) has 15 years of experience helping investors and developers use New Market Tax Credits to drive economic development projects and the creation of community facilities in under-invested places. NMSC increases access to capital by tailoring its products and services to meet the needs of our clients and partners. 

Between NEF and NMSC, we have offered a full range of services to complex real estate financing deals that we will apply to Opportunity Zones as applicable. These may include:

  • Financial modeling
  • Leadership in the fund closing process
  • Project eligibility screening and underwriting
  • Community impact assessment and reporting plans
  • Accounting, loan servicing and cash management
  • Tax compliance testing and reporting
  • Asset management and impact reporting services

As work in the Opportunity Zones unfolds, we will be designing and deploying a range of products to facilitate investment.

We've got projects

Each of our affiliates boasts a substantial pipeline of projects in the Opportunity Zones that are ready and waiting for investment.

Our experience in Opportunity Zones is extensive. LISC has supported almost 700 projects in Opportunity Zones ranging from affordable housing to retail, manufacturing and commercial buildings to community facilities. Below you'll find the final Opportunity Zone designations, overlaid with LISC, NMSC and NEF projects over the past 40 years. Click on data points for project information. 



George Ashton, Managing Director of Strategic Investments