Innovations in Community Based Crime Reduction

Tools & Templates

CBCR promotes cross-site learning to help sites replicate successful programs that worked in other jurisdictions.  By adapting proven models to fit local circumstances, practitoners are saving time and resources and seeing greater results.  Search this section to find an array of tools used by practitioners around the country that can be applied, adapted and tailored for your safety and revitalization work.

LISC and BJA are always looking to share new tools with the field. Please email ideas for resources you would like to see on this online platform, as well as tools and documents utilized by your organization that we can share with our community and police partners.

Audits, Checklists & Surveys

Helpful tools to gather information about issues such as perceptions of crime and disorder, civic engagement and community-police relations. 

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Crime Reporting Forms & Impact Statements

Residents can greatly aid law enforcement operations by reporting crime and sharing impact statements.  

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Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Many public safety partnerships have found it useful to create MOU's articulating the roles and responsibilities of various partners. 

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Planning Resources

Resources to guide CBCR sites in their collaborative planning process involving research partners, diverse cross sector partners and residents.

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Staffing Tips and Tools

A safety organizer or coordinator can be the glue needed to hold complex community safety partnerships together. 

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