11.19.2018 -

Borrowing from LISC

Are you a current borrower or thinking that you may need financing at some point in the future? This webinar will share everything you always wanted to know about borrowing from LISC.

11.15.2018 -

Why Health is Key to Community Development

Don't miss this recording of our first Careers in Community Development webinar where we took a look at how health is connected to all aspects of community development.

11.01.2018 -

LISC Institute Webinar: Healthy Neighborhood Healthy Families Initiative

In this webinar, representatives from Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Community Development for All People will provide an overview of their, “Healthy Neighborhood Healthy Families Initiative,” or HNHF, which recently received a Fannie Mae innovation grant. The panelists will give background on how a hospital and its partners started treating a neighborhood as a “patient” and launched a multi-pronged housing strategy to begin overcoming some of the health and other societal effects of 80 years of redlining and institutional racism on the Southern Orchards neighborhood on the South Side of Columbus, Ohio.

11.01.2018 -

Organizing for Business Districts: LISC, LISC Jacksonville, Joel Bookman, Jim Capraro, Rail Yard Business Council

Three years ago, LISC Jacksonville begin exploring the possibility of connecting an old industrial district with the low income New Town community. Today, the Beaver Street area is organized into the Rail Yard Business Council, representing over 350 businesses, and recognized as an economic engine for New Town and the entire Jacksonville region. Learn how it happened, the lessons learned, and how you can apply those lessons to your community.

9.10.2018 -

Webinar: NYC Inclusive Creative Economy Fund

Watch this recording of a recent webinar about the NYC Inclusive Creative Economy Fund, which provides accredited investors with the opportunity to invest in New York City’s affordable, inclusive creative workspaces, fostering 21st Century quality jobs for low- and moderate-income New Yorkers.