1.23.2019 -

Get in the Game 2018: NFL Grassroots RFP Webinar

Learn about the timeline, criteria and application procedures that go in to the NFL Grassroots 2018 RFP.

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1.18.2019 -

How to do Creative Placemaking Webinar Series

The webinar series, How to Do Creative Placemaking, offers practical and tactical advice for local leaders, artists, and community development practitioners.

1.18.2019 -

LISC Institute Webinar: Local Housing Solutions

The webinar covers how practitioners can engage with Local Housing Solutions, and features a deeper-dive into the site's policy framework.

1.07.2019 -

CHAM Webinar: LISC Boston's Green and Healthy Work

This webinar highlights LISC Boston's Green Retrofit Initiative, which helps multifamily affordable housing owners build their capacity to implement energy efficient and clean energy technology, transition to safer cleaning products and pest management techniques, and go smoke-free in their buildings.

11.19.2018 -

Borrowing from LISC

Are you a current borrower or thinking that you may need financing at some point in the future? This webinar will share everything you always wanted to know about borrowing from LISC.