8.12.2019 -

Food Systems & Development Finance

The Council of Development Finance Agencies (CDFA) is producing a 6-part white paper series in 2019 examining how traditional development finance tools like bonds, lending and credit enhancements can be used in relationship to the food system.

8.12.2019 -

Joint Venturing for Nonprofits: the Benefits, the Common Pitfalls and How to Navigate Them

By working together, nonprofits and for-profit developers can make development projects into something more than they could be if either entity acted alone. The LISC Institute spoke to both nonprofit and for-profit developers to explore some of the common advantages and risks of real estate joint ventures.

8.12.2019 -

Leveraging Procurement for Economic Equity

Culture, Collaboration & Capital: Leveraging Procurement for Economic Equity explores how the public sector, specifically local government, can promote equity through its procurement practices.

8.12.2019 -

The Overlooked Anchors

This report from Kresge explores the intersection of anchor engagement strategies, creative placemaking, and cultural institutions as drivers of inclusive, equitable growth.

7.23.2019 -

Passive House Standards Bring Green Living to Affordable Multifamily Housing

Green retrofitting is the practice of repairing or rehabilitating a building to include energy-saving or health-promoting features or both. Greening an existing building can make it more energy-efficient, bringing down utility costs for owners and tenants, or it can create a healthier indoor environment for residents, with fewer asthma and allergy triggers such as mold and chemicals.