Place Matters 10 Year Retrospective: redefining place-based community development in Cincinnati

This 10-year retrospective reflects on how far Place Matters communities have come, expands on the neighborhood context and highlights the communities’work. It includes details on the initiative and how is has matured over time as well as lessons learned that could inform those working in other communities to advance place-based strategies.

Community Development Investment Review: Creative Placemaking

This journal from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco looks at what creative placemaking does and how it does it.

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Embracing an Anchor Mission: ProMedica’s All-In Strategy

Learn about ProMedica’s major strategies, an in-depth look at the planning for the social determinants of health initiative and discussions of critical considerations like how ProMedica aligned its infrastructure to do the work, how it pays for it and how it measures success.

How to do Creative Placemaking

This report, How to do Creative Placemaking, from the National Endowment for the Arts has a series of essays from some of the best minds doing Creative Placemaking work, and some case studies of projects funded through the NEA’s signature arts and community development program—Our Town.

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Displacement of Lower-Income Families in Urban Areas Report

Read this report from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of Policy Development and Research on gentrification in urban areas.