Lessons from Impact Lending in Boston

Read this report from LISC Boston to learn how its Impact Lending program successfully helped several diverse entrepreneurs grow their small businesses and access procurement contracts.

The Rail Yard District Business Council: Organizing Businesses for Economic Growth and Community Benefit

This report, based on an analysis done around the Jacksonville Rail Yard District Business Council by MetroEdge, includes strategies for small business development and improvement in a commercial corridor, lessons learned, and a collateral discovery that could prove to be an economic development “game changer”.

Annie E. Casey: 2018 Kids Count Data Book

The annual KIDS COUNT Data Book from the Annie E. Casey Foundation explores the best living conditions for children in the United States, capturing the overall picture of a child’s well-being, both across the entire nation and state by state.

The National Low Incoming Housing Coalition: Balancing Priorities

Balancing Priorities offers suggestions for policymakers and practitioners, including practical ways to look at preservation and mobility as complementary, rather than competing, priorities.

LIHTC: How it works and who it serves

The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit: How It Works and Who It Serves, provides readers with the basics of this critically important but still poorly understood resource, including a description of the difference between 9% and 4% credits, and explanation of income eligibility and affordability requirements, and how the financing of LIHTC deals works.