8.09.2018 -

Intro to New Market Tax Credits

Too often, distressed communities simply cannot access the kind of capital needed to make the transformation to vibrant and healthy communities. That's where New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) come into play.

8.09.2018 -

Intro to Section 4, Capacity Building for Community Development & Affordable Housing

The Section 4 Program strengthens the nation's lower-income rural and urban communities by bolstering non-profit community developers that build and invest in those neighborhoods.

8.09.2018 -

Intro to the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit stimulates investment in affordable housing in underserved inner-city and rural communities and in higher cost suburban communities across the nation.

5.02.2018 -

Anchor Institutions Open Doors in Their Communities

Learn about how anchor institutions can contribute to their local communities. Experts sum up the three major roles as “Hire, Buy and Live”: Anchors can hire employees from the local community, buy needed goods and services from local small businesses, and develop and preserve real estate in their surrounding neighborhood to create places for local residents and anchor employees to live and shop.

3.09.2018 -

Archived Webinar: Opportunity Zones

Archived LISC webinar recording from 02/23/17: The creation of Opportunity Zones (OZ) was included in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the recently passed tax reform overhaul law. Opportunity Zones are an innovative approach to spurring long-term private sector investments in low-income urban and rural communities nationwide. LISC Policy, New Markets Support Company and Economic Innovation Group discuss how you can advocate for this resource in the areas of your state that your organization serves.