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2017: Federal Policies that Fuel Local Impact

Message from Matt Josephs, Senior Vice President of Policy

Can we make 2017 a year of economic opportunity, especially for low-income people and places?

The Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) has outlined a comprehensive set of policy proposals spanning 11 different federal agencies—all focused on helping families build a strong future, while supporting robust economic growth. If enacted, the proposals would drive job creation, safe streets, good housing and schools, thriving businesses, better health and increased access to critical services, like affordable child care.

Government cannot do this alone. We know from 35 years of experience, working in nearly every state, that federal programs are most effective when they spur the private sector to invest in places it would not otherwise go; empower local decision makers; and focus on families most in need, so that they can escape the cycle of poverty.

Because these principles are fundamental to all of the policy proposals that we present, we are confident that they will enjoy broad bipartisan support.

This is work that cannot wait. It is critical to our national economy, as well as to the outlook for tens of millions of American families. We look forward to helping a new Administration and a new Congress hit the ground running on January 20th.

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