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Archived Webinar: Water Efficiency in Multifamily Housing - The How-to of H2O

Archived LISC webcast recording from 08/05/14: LISC Housing and moderator Ellen Tohn of Tohn Environmental Strategies hosted a conversation about water efficiency practices in multifamily housing.

Owners and managers shared how they are assessing portfolios and how they are choosing measures to employ that conserve water, save money, and accrue additional benefits that extend beyond cost savings.

This training is geared towards owners and managers of multifamily housing.


  • Ellen R. Tohn, Tohn Environmental Strategies (Moderator)
  • Mary Lucero-Dorst, Eden Housing, Inc.
  • Michael Ferguson, Peabody Properties, Inc.
  • Elizabeth Glynn, LISC - Boston
  • Colleen Flynn, LISC - New York
  • Jesse Elton, LISC - Housing

Archive Recording:

This session was conducted using ReadyTalk.
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