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10.31.2018 -

Desperately Seeking Non-Luxury Development in DC

An apartment-hunter “drowning” in listings for luxury rentals posed a question to DC’s NPR radio affiliate: Are any developers in the DC area making non-luxury housing? The answer is a qualified “yes,” and LISC DC’s Ramon Jacobson offers insight into the complexity, and imperative, of building affordable housing in the nation’s capital, where one in five tenant households is severely rent burdened.

10.23.2018 -

LISC Detroit on Public Radio: Safeguarding Affordable Rentals in the New Motor City

The expiration of housing tax credits threatens affordability for renters all across the country. But in Detroit, where home-ownership plummeted in the wake of the city’s financial crisis and where unfettered development is displacing longtime residents, affordable rentals are at an all-time premium. LISC Detroit’s Tahirih Ziegler spoke to Michigan Public Radio about the situation, and how LISC and the city are partnering on incentives for landlords and other tools that will create a bulwark for affordability. Hear from Tahirih starting at the 13 minute mark!

9.18.2018 -

Top Reads, Week of 9/17/18

Check out our top three reads of the week covering the challenges and opportunities of American communities. This week, we're reading about the life-expectancy gap, worker cooperatives, and the link between housing and family stability.

9.11.2018 -

Top Reads, Week of 9/10/2018

Check out our top three reads of the week connected to community development work. This week, we're reading all about unemployment versus underemployment and how those issues impact housing and homelessness, financial stability and policy.

Healthcare Partnerships That Help Heal People and Communities

In a blog for the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Healthcare Quarterly, LISC CEO Maurice A. Jones makes the case for pioneering partnerships between healthcare organizations and community development, uniting to upend the roots of poor health. LISC’s collaborations with ProMedica and Bon Secours Health System, among other companies, are powerful examples of how our combined assets, knowledge and experience can begin to close America’s longevity gap.