Our Stories

11.08.2018 -

The Faces of “Bring Them HOMES”

A poignant photography exhibit honors veterans whose lives have been touched by Bring Them HOMES, our housing initiative for homeless and at-risk former servicemen and women. All photos by Gus Powell/Courtesy Lee Marks Fine Art

Progress and Possibilities for Housing Every Veteran

Our commitment to helping house homeless and at-risk veterans won’t let up until there are no more ex-military men and women living on the streets. It’s hard work, especially in hot, high-cost markets. In honor of Veteran's Day, we're highlighting the creative solutions and partnerships that build supportive housing communities and make it possible for us reach our collective goal.

10.24.2018 -

How to Make Pay for Success Even More Successful

There’s an exciting opportunity bubbling up in the Pay for Success world. New legislation, the Social Impact Partnership to Pay for Results Act (SIPPRA), promises to expand outcomes-oriented private-public partnerships by providing up to $100 million in federal funding. LISC’s Pay for Success program manager, Anna Smukowski, takes a look at previous examples of public-private partnerships that were designed to serve low-income communities and dives into how SIPPRA can help scale PFS.

Maurice A. Jones On...(Episode #13)

As we reflect on LISC at 40 we will be integrating local and national thought leadership on the broader work ahead. For this podcast, we highlight the richness culture plays in moving a local agenda forward. Joining us this month is LISC San Diego’s Executive Director, Ricardo Flores. Hear about LISC San Diego’s cultural preservation strategy and the ways local community assets can be instrumental in coordinating policy efforts.