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Without Risk, There’s No Reward. Especially in Community Development.

In a blog post for Providence Business News, Jeanne Cola, director of LISC Rhode Island, stresses the role of calculated risk-taking when lending to promising community projects. It’s how LISC started—investing in people and places when no one else would—and it’s still paying off, as with the beautiful WaterFire arts center in Providence.

7.11.2017 -

Bridging the Opportunity Gap

The unemployment rate is at a record low, but millions of Americans still have difficulty finding a living wage job. The challenge is especially acute for people returning to their communities after incarceration. A new $4.5 million grant to LISC from the U.S. Department of Labor will expand services at LISC's Financial Opportunity Centers to address the particular challenges they face and, in the process, reduce recidivism, make communities safer, and boost local economic activity.

Serving Freedom

In honor of Independence Day, LISC's AmeriCorps director, Stacey Rapp, considers the role that national service plays in making our ideal of freedom a reality for all Americans. 

Our Strength Comes From Our Diversity

This month, as our country celebrates LGBTQ pride, we at LISC reaffirm our commitment to supporting inclusive and equitable communities.

5.05.2017 -

Finding New Capital for Community Development in the Bond Market

Last month, LISC became the first-ever CDFI to make an S&P-rated bond offering—$100 million worth—to help bring capital to low-income communities. It completely sold out and was, in fact, oversubscribed. Now, a second CDFI, The Reinvestment Fund, has offered $50 million worth of bonds of their own. In an article for ImpactAlpha, Oscar Perry Abello examines how the brave new world of private-capital  bonds could change financing for projects in underinvested places.