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LISC and GoDaddy Chart a New Route for Small Biz in Phoenix

As the popular light rail expands in Phoenix, a collaboration between LISC, GoDaddy and Local First Arizona is working to make sure minority-owned businesses get, and keep, a foothold in neighborhoods along the new route. Small businesses and budding entrepreneurs will receive mentoring, financial counseling and technical assistance to help them grow and support the wider community.

The excerpt below is from:
How GoDaddy plans to help entrepreneurs along light rail expansion route in Phoenix
by Hayley Ringle, Phoenix Business Journal

Scottsdale-based GoDaddy Inc. is launching a new social impact program in April to help minority-owned small businesses along the South Central Avenue light rail expansion route.

Although construction isn’t starting until 2019, GoDaddy wants to help the 250 small businesses prepare with free website, digital and mentoring opportunities through the new GoCommunities program, said Stacy Bennett, GoDaddy’s corporate social responsibility lead.

“It’s about helping these underserved entrepreneurs who might not have access to the training tools and networks we can provide,” said Bennett, who is based out of the Scottsdale office. “GoDaddy is very passionate about small businesses. We’re connecting employees to the vision of our company.”

GoDaddy is partnering with Local Initiatives Support Corp. Phoenix and Local First Arizona to get the word out to small businesses along the five and half mile route from downtown Phoenix by Chase Field, down Central Avenue to Baseline Road. Businesses along the route include Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles, Last Exit Live nightclub and Arizona’s Tooth Doctor for Kids.

“GoCommunities will be a perfect resource to serve small business owners in Phoenix and ultimately contribute to the greater good of our community,” said LISC Executive Director Terry Benelli. “This program connects small business owners with the right knowledge and people to support their growth and success.” Continued[+]...