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LISC Commits $100M and Recovery Know-how to Areas Devastated by Harvey

We know from experience that there’s no time to waste in helping communities rebuild after disaster strikes. LISC has pledged significant capital and expertise to help Houston and rural counties in Texas and the Gulf Coast put the pieces back together in the staggering wake of Hurricane Harvey.

LISC announces $100 million for Harvey recovery

Hurricane Harvey was a stunning reminder of how quickly our world can be disrupted. So much can be harmed—homes, jobs, even whole communities—in a matter of a few terrifying hours or days.

The aftermath of Harvey also reminds us of America’s true heart, soul and strength. The outpouring of early support has been remarkable, and offers hope for people still dazed by what is happening. We at LISC are adding our capital to that effort. We are committing $100 million as a down payment on our recovery work, both in Houston and in hard-hit rural counties in Texas and the Gulf Coast.

We will be working with new and existing partners and funders to expand this investment through grants, loans and equity assistance—especially in underinvested communities, where we have long worked.

Our experience with disasters teaches us that raising money is a first step. Figuring out how to deploy that money quickly and effectively is a critical challenge, especially given the scale of destruction and the numerous federal, state, municipal and philanthropic programs to be coordinated. At LISC, our job is to make sense of this complicated landscape, connecting the disparate pieces to help more people rebuild and communities recover as quickly as possible.

We strongly believe that community-based organizations are central to that effort. We’ve seen it time and time again—from Katrina to Sandy and a myriad of floods and tornados—that strong local organizations are essential teammates. Recovery cannot succeed without them.

That’s why we are keenly focused on enhancing local capacity. Our LISC Houston and Rural staff are working together to reach out to long-standing partners and assess local capabilities and needs. With 25 years of experience and investment in the region, we are expanding our operations in order to respond.

We see this $100 million as an initial investment in an inclusive recovery. There is a great deal that still needs to be sorted out, and in the weeks to come, we will be working closely with other national organizations that are looking to LISC as a channel for capital and expertise.

We are enormously grateful for their support and eager to move forward. Our thoughts and prayers continue for our neighbors in Texas and the Gulf Coast.  

To learn more or to join us in our efforts, contact us at harveyrecovery@lisc.org