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Top Reads, Week of 2/11

Check out our top three reads of the week. They cover the challenges and opportunities facing American communities right now. This week, we’re delving into what makes a city bike-friendly ​for all residents, a look at the depths of America's affordable housing crisis, and a report that weighs the role recreation can have on attracting new residents to rural communities.

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You Can’t Design Bike-Friendly Cities Without Considering Race and Class
By Anne Lusk, CityLab

“Many U.S. cities have improved marginalized neighborhoods by investing in grocery stores, schools, health clinics, community centers, libraries, and affordable housing. But when it comes to bicycle infrastructure, they often add only the easiest and least safe elements, such as painting sharrows—stencils of bikes and double chevrons—or bike lane markings, and placing them next to curbs or between parked cars and traffic.” Continued [+]...

America Isn’t Building Enough New Housing
By Peter Coy, Bloomberg

“A tight supply has caused housing prices to climb steadily. Owning a home is simply out of reach in some cities. In the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas, the number of houses sold in December was the lowest for the final month of the year since 2007. In Manhattan the median price of a condo has topped out at about $1 million. People who want to buy a place are forced to keep renting, live with their parents, or move to an area with more stock for sale at lower prices. Pending home sales were down 9.8 percent in December, pushing them to their lowest level since December 2013.” Continued [+]...

Recreation Counties Attracting New Residents and Higher Incomes
By Headwaters Economics

“Many communities recognize the economic benefits of recreation amenities that attracts tourists who spend money at hotels, restaurants, and other businesses that cater to visitors. What is less well understood is whether a recreation economy can bring longer-term economic benefits by attracting new residents, who may first come as tourists or second home owners. ” Continued [+]..

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