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Build the Physical Environment

A safe, affordable home is one of the basic requisites of life—a key to individual health and well-being, and the foundation for sustainable, eco­nomically vibrant and diverse neighborhoods.

Supportive housing in the East Bluff neighborhood
Supportive housing in the East Bluff neighborhood

Housing is where LISC started. And it’s still the cornerstone of our mission, even as our vision has expanded to incorporate work to improve education, health, safety and economic growth in the places where we work. LISC helps make qual­ity, affordable housing available to low-income and vulnerable residents—from seniors to veterans to the formerly homeless—in underserved communities.

We partner with private and non-profit developers to achieve our goals. 


  • Partner with developers, government and Public Housing Authorities to generate affordable housing units in Greater Peoria and Central Illinois
  • Provide loans, grants and equity investments for affordable housing projects
  • Host symposium(s) and other learning venues to build awareness and educate the community on the economic benefits of affordable housing and to market LISC financial products

By the numbers:

Since 2012, Greater Peoria LISC has...

  • rehabilitated 71 units of senior and veterans housing at Glen Oak Housing Development;
  • created 16 units of supportive housing at Access Peoria;
  • created 4 units of single-family housing and 1 rehab unit;
  • completed hundreds of small-scale home improvement projects through the Community Core Initiative;
  • preserved 26 units of low-income rental units at Broadway Arms Apartments in Lewiston, IL; 
Stories of Our Work

Learn more about the work we do for building the physical enviornment across all of these focus areas.

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