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Community Engagement

Engaged communities are Sustainable Communities.

LISC recognizes that when residents play an active role in planning and implementation, community development efforts will have a greater chance to succeed and have more lasting impact. We support organizations to develop and strengthen community engagement strategies as they plan and implement revitalization efforts in the following ways:    

  • Sharing information about resources, services and opportunities
  • Engaging in comprehensive community planning.
  • Empowering residents to organize their blocks
  • Supporting resident-driven projects, events and initiatives
  • Developing and implementing outreach campaigns using resident leaders, youth and parents
  • Providing capacity building to strengthen organization’s overall ability to advance community engagement activities

LISC advocates that organizations engage residents to not only inform, but to empower residents to be part of the decision-making process around community development efforts.


David Ferris, Assistant Program Officer
Stories about Community Engagement

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