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Financial Stability

Helping residents open doors to higher-wage, higher-skilled jobs and encourage entrepreneurship.

LISC's Financial Opportunity Centers (FOCs) are career and personal finance service centers where residents can access multiple services to build smart money habits and work toward long-term financial stability.   This one-stop-shop service approach is implemented across 80 centers nationwide and embedded within community-based organizations that are trusted and convenient to where people live. FOCs pave the way for families to reach their financial goals and create a brighter future.

Research shows that LISC’s model helps low-income people be employed year-round, reduce debt, and build positive credit histories.  LISC has expanded its FOC model even further by building out foundational literacy and math skills and offering technical training and industry certification through its Bridges to Career Opportunity Program.

We are proud to partner with 1199c Training Fund and Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha (APM) to offer FOC services in Philadelphia. 


Jessica Collazo, Assistant Program Officer
Stories about Financial Stability

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