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Eastern North Philadelphia

Welcome to a vibrant and culturally rich community,  home to one of largest Latino populations in the city, arts and culture centers, diverse commercial corridors, and affordable and quality green home ownership and rental opportunities. With 26% tree coverage, Eastern North is also one of the greenest neighborhoods in the city.

Although it is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Eastern North is brimming with strong organizations, creative leaders, and resilient residents who persistently work for neighborhood change.

SCI Eastern North

Since January 2010, LISC has focused investments in Eastern North following the Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) approach. SCI-Eastern North is focused on an area of North Philadelphia immediately east of Temple University’s campus.

LISC’s commitment to the neighborhood of Eastern North Philadelphia has helped build the capacity of Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha (APM), The Village of Arts & Humanities, and others to lead revitalization efforts. Currently, APM leads the SCI effort, convening organizations and supporting collaborative physical development, health, and safety initiatives. The Village supports SCI by convening an arts and culture committee that coordinates among neighborhood creative placemaking work.

In 2010, LISC helped APM bring community leaders together to inform a comprehensive community plan to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood, creating the Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI Eastern North). Residents identified the following priorities in the SCI Eastern North plan:

  • Expand investment in housing and other real estate
  • Increase family wealth and income
  • Stimulates economic activity, locally and regionally
  • Improve access to education, training, and family services
  • Foster livable, safe, and healthy environments
  • Nurture creativity through arts & culture
  • Strengthen local leadership
LISC has invested
$60 million
in Eastern North Philadelphia.
SCI Eastern North Activity

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LISC's History in Eastern North

Learn more about LISC's historic commitment to and investment in Eastern North Philadelphia.

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Rachel Brooks, Program Officer