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Andrew Frishkoff 

Andrew Frishkoff has served as Executive Director of Philadelphia LISC since 2011. He has dedicated his adult life to addressing issues of affordable housing and community development, with more than 20 years of experience.

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Rachel Brooks 

Rachel Brooks serves as Program Officer for LISC’s Sustainable Communities Initiative in the neighborhoods of West Philadelphia, Eastern North Philadelphia and Kensington. 

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Melissa Kim 

Melissa Kim is the office's Deputy Director and oversees all program activity, besides maintaining responsiblity for our Commercial Corridor, Community Safety, and Creative Placemaking initiatives. 

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Katya Noreika

Katya Noreika serves as Lending Program Officer and works to advance LISC’s community development lending program by providing LISC partners with tools, resources, and technical assistance to invest in projects.

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Carolyn Placke

Carolyn Placke serves as LISC’s Housing Program Officer, advancing LISC’s priority housing activities that include home repair, preservation of affordable rental housing, mixed-use development, and equitable development and workforce housing in gentrifying neighborhoods.  

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Nicholas Mulligan

Nicholas Mulligan is the office's Senior Administrative Assistant. He provides admin and programmatic support to colleagues, functions as the liaison between the staff and its advisory board, and keeps the office running smoothly.

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Jessica Collazo

Jessica Collazo serves as an Assistant Program Officer. She provides critical programmatic support through reporting, proposal writing, outcome measurement, and grants administration. She also manages LISC's grant portfolio of Financial Opportunity Centers.

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Verónica Ayala Flores

Verónica Ayala Flores serves as a Community Development Assistant, providing programmatic and administrative support for LISC's various programs and strategic priorities.

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