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New San Marco

Duluth, Minnesota

New San Marco is an innovative green development that provides high-quality, service-enriched homes for some of Duluth\'s neediest residents. Located on an urban infill redevelopment site, it includes 70 affordable apartments for very low-income individuals struggling with chronic substance abuse or a persistent history of homelessness. Intensive supportive services are available, providing tenants with daily assistance, counseling and case management to help them establish and maintain stable lives. This healthy living environment is further supported by a significant number of green elements, including: a high-efficiency steam heating and hot water system; natural daylighting and energy-efficient lighting; a super-insulated building envelope; ENERGY STAR appliances; low-maintenance landscaping that does not require irrigation; low-VOC paints, sealants and adhesives; durable building materials; and a construction waste management plan. more..


Photographs By: JoAnn Jardine - Studio One Photography; Peter Bastianelli - Kerze and LHB