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Robert and Susan Warwick, longtime supporters of Rural LISC

Rural LISC is proud to recognize Rural LISC supporters Robert and Susan Warwick! 

The Warwicks’ relationship with Rural LISC has been a longstanding one – beginning almost from the inception of the program in 1995.  In addition to their regular, generous financial contributions, Bob in particular has been an active participant in the development of Rural LISC for most of its 23 years. He joined the Rural LISC Advisory Committee (RAC) in 1997, serving as its Chair from 1999 to 2002, and was a founding member of LISC’s coalition campaign Stand Up for Rural America, also in 1997, and chaired its Steering Committee for over a decade.  In the early years, Bob’s expertise in the areas of banking, community investment and affordable housing was of critical importance in establishing the viability and growth trajectory of Rural LISC, at the time a fledgling enterprise, but one that would soon prove its mettle and value both within the greater LISC family of services and on the national stage.   

Bob and Susan Warwick visit San Juan Bautista Mission during tour of host CDC South County Housing's work, Rural LISC Annual Seminar and 10 Year Anniversary Celebration, Monterey, Calif., 2005.
Bob Warwick with Lynn Brazen, fellow Rural LISC Advisory Committee member and First VP & Director of Community Investment Services, Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, San Luis, Ariz., 2004.
Bob Warwick (2nd from right) with Rural LISC Advisory Committee tour of Cesar Chavez Elementary School, San Luis, Ariz., 2004.
Bob Warwick presenting Stand Up for Rural America award to Moises Loza, Executive Director, Housing Assistance Council, Rural LISC Annual Seminar, Washington, D.C., 2008.
Bob and Susan Warwick at Rural LISC Annual Seminar, Kalispell, Mont., 2009, with (left to right) Steve Fitzgerald, Chair, Rural LISC Advisory Committee, Sandy Rosenblith, Director, Rural LISC, and (foreground), Richard Manson, Program VP, LISC.
Bob and Susan Warwick attending 2010 Rural LISC Annual Seminar, Eugene and Canyonville, Oregon.
Bob and Susan Warwick with Rural LISC's Jeff Mosley during tour of host CDC Self-Help Enterprises' work, Rural LISC Annual Seminar, Visalia, Calif., 2012.

In the mid-nineties, the field of rural community development remained virtually unknown.  Yet away from the urban media centers and policy think tanks, deep in the Appalachian foothills, in south Texas and the Mississippi Delta, or far into the thinly populated regions of Montana and South Dakota, underdeveloped areas were struggling for the nation’s attention.  There, where funds and news coverage were scarce, communities were transforming the way their residents lived, worked and raised families.   Rural LISC was one of the first organizations to recognize the existence of these struggling communities and bring them to the attention of the nation as a whole, opening much needed streams of technical assistance and funding.  In particular, Stand Up for Rural America was a massive effort to document, study and circulate the successes of rural community development so they could be supported and replicated on a far greater scale.

Since those early years, Bob's astuteness and practical knowledge have continued to be an important guiding force within the organization.

Bob was employed by the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta from 1978 to 2002, retiring as Group Vice President and Director of Community Investment Services, responsible for the Bank’s community investment and affordable housing programs and related technical assistance efforts.  Prior to joining the Bank, Bob worked for six years in the Office of Housing and Urban Affairs at the Federal Home Loan Bank Board in Washington, D.C.  He began his career at Duke Law School’s Center on Law and Poverty.

Over the years, in addition to their financial support and Bob’s service to the RAC and the Stand Up campaign, Bob and Susan have been a constant presence at Rural LISC’s annual seminars held alternately in Washington, D.C., and at partner organization locations around the country. 

For their loyal support of the Rural LISC program for more than two decades, we extend our truly heartfelt thanks to Bob and Susan Warwick.