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RFD-TV interviews Rural LISC, NACo and RCAP about the new mobile broadband app TestIo and RCAP about the new mobile broadband app “TestIT”

Earlier this month, RFD-TV, a 24-hour channel dedicated to rural issues, interviewed representatives from Rural LISC, National Association of Counties (NACo) and Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) on three separate rural news broadcasts about “TestIT”, a new mobile broadband app developed together by the three organizations. 

Suzanne Anarde, LISC Vice President and Rural LISC Director; Arthur Scott, Associate Legislative Director and Political Outreach Manager at National Association of Counties (NACo); and Nathan Ohle, Executive Director of the Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP), discussed the app, which gives mobile phone users the power to accurately identify areas with low or no internet connectivity, and share that information to push for change. Armed with that data, the three organizations will advocate for adequate funding for broadband infrastructure across the country.

“TestIT” (available for iOS and Android) uses an open-source sampling tool developed by Measurement Lab (MLab) to aggregate broadband speeds from mobile device users. Accurate data ensures that broadband infrastructure receives the investments needed to provide internet access to rural communities. The partnership among Rural LISC, NACo and RCAP shows how organizations working together for rural communities can have a greater impact.

See the RFD-TV interviews below, and read the press release here.