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Helping Hands For a Community In CrisisHelping Hands For a Community In Crisis

The nonprofit world has stepped up to help manage a natural disaster with no end in sight, bringing water to scores of low-income rural families in California’s San Joaquin Valley as more and more wells run dry. Read the new article on the LISC Institute Spotlight on Rural blog.

Financial Opportunity Centers

Knowing that heathy neighborhoods depend on their residents' ability to earn a decent wage and build financial security, LISC is creating an expansive network of Financial Opportunity Centers (FOCs) in dozens of communities nationwide. FOCs help clients find and maintain good jobs, stick to realistic budgets, improve their credit and save for the future.  See this report to learn more about how FOCs work.

CDC in the Spotlight

CVHC bringing green homes to rural California

One hundred fifty volunteers from three organizations came together in rural Southern California to help nine new self-help homeowners "green" their homes with solar energy.

Innovative teaching is changing lives in the Delta

GO YOUTH Initiative

Rural LISC and partner CDC Mississippi Action for Community Education, Inc. (MACE) are working in collaboration with Mississippi Delta Community College and Foundation for the Mid-South in an amazing program, the Greenville Opportunity Youth Initiative (GO YOUTH), that strives to improve academic and employment outcomes for youth ages 16-24.  

See a chart showing the GO YOUTH program design. 

Rural LISC program director George Miles commented on the collaboration, “We’re connecting the dots.  [Organizations are] funded, but for whatever reason they’re not necessarily reaching the youth. Part of the function of GO YOUTH is to reach people where they are at the grassroots level and get young people back into education and workforce pathways.”  See more here: GO YOUTH: Reinforcing Education and Career Pathways for Youth in Greenville, MS.

C4 Program (Common Career Core Curricula)

Mississippi Delta Community College (MDCC) student Linda Robinson tells her story in an article in The Enterprise-Tocsin (Indianola, Miss.) describing a new program at MDCC that helps students raise their ACT scores or secure a GED.  The program is called “C4” (Community Collaboration for College & Careers / Common Career Core Curricula), and it’s attracting attention around the state.  MACE, our CDC partner in Greenville, is a C4 Program partner. Some program participants are pictured above. Read the article here.

Community Development Through a Rural LensCommunity Development Through a Rural Lens

A special blog post by Suzanne Anarde, Rural LISC Program Vice President, introduces the "Spotlight on Rural" series at LISC's Institute for Comprehensive Community Development.

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