LISC National
What We Do

Non-Profit Support

Our work hinges on the insight, experience and expertise of local organizations working together in San Diego. The better they do their job, the better we can do ours--and the more communities we support together. We help these local organizations become more effective change-makers through grant funding, loans and technical assistance. 


We provide grant funding to assist organizations in keeping the lights on, teaching new skills to staff, and stabilizing their operations. Grants are both designed and provided to be consistent with local office strategies and local community development needs.

We offer the following type of grants:

  • organizational development grants that assist community organizations to improve its administrative structures, management and financial systems, and real estate development and management capacities;
  • strategic planning grants to cover costs associated with the creation of new programs that are important to an organization's overall mission and needs of the community's residents;
  • project grants to help cover costs associated with real estate development that further neighborhood revitalization goals; and
  • other grants including, but not limited to, costs associated with training, consultants and award programs.


LISC provides working capital lines of credit and a variety of financing products for the development and/or improvement of buildings occupied by our nonprofit partners in their service provision.

  • Eligible Borrowers: Nonprofit organizations
  • Interest Rate: 6%
  • Product Term:
    • Bridge: 3 years
    • Working Capital: 2 years
    • Predevelopment: 2 years
    • Acquisition: 3 years
    • Construction: 3 years
    • Mini-Perm: 7 years
    • Permanent: 27 years
  • Loan Fees: Up to 1.5% of loan amount plus legal fees

Technical Assistance

LISC provides technical assistance to nonprofits helping them improve their internal operations in several ways:

  • Training: LISC is a local resource for nationally developed training resources designed to help nonprofit staff increase their capacity to manage grants, develop real estate and execute programs that help the communities they serve.
  • One on one operational assessments and coaching: All LISC grantees receive an assessment of their internal operations; based on national best practices. Each assessment includes a including an in-depth look at internal financial procedure, gran management systems and accounting policies; with an eye towards making them stronger and more resilient.   Following the assessment grantees can receive one on one coaching and feedback from LISC staff for improving systems – right sized to their organization and mission.
  • LISC’s support materials: Grantees and borrowers can access LISC’s repository of nationally sourced nonprofit management materials including policies and procedures manuals, templates and guides, covering government grant management, accounting, and finance, work planning, cost allocation and more.