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Kiva Loans

Kiva brings affordable loans to entrepreneurs that would otherwise not be able to borrow from traditional lenders. Kiva is affordable. Kiva loans are up to $10,000 with 0% interest and zero fees. Kiva is accessible because it does not request the traditional lending requirements.

How does Kiva work?

Kiva is a nonprofit organization that leverages the internet to connect thousands of entrepreneurs with millions of people willing to lend as little as $25. Kiva loans are made through crowdfunding campaigns led by borrowers. Borrowers are supported by the family, friends, and local and national organization.

How does LISC partner with Kiva?

We partner with organizations and individuals that support entrepreneurs in our neighborhoods. Borrowers that are endorsed by one of our partners on the Kiva platform and successfully initiate a crowdfunding campaign may receive matching funds throughout their campaigns.

LISC San Diego has partnered with the following organizations and individuals to facilitate Kiva loans:

Who does LISC Fund?

LISC provides a $1-to-$1 match to businesses who have been endorsed by our trustees. 

LISC San Diego Has Helped Fund:

LK Fashion Design (Funded)

"A loan of $5,000 helped me to expand my inventory and meet my customer demands."

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Master Barber (Funded)

"A loan of $3,000 helped with bring a classy look to my community and continue to be a cornerstone of the neighborhood for events by renovating and improving in business."

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Pure Skin Lounge (Funded)

"A loan of $9,975 helped to facilitate my rapidly increasing clientele, so that I may continue to provide life-changing skin and acne treatments to the masses."

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Tasteful Touch (Funded)

"A loan of $4,000 helped to buy necessary equipment to boost our catering business. It will help us with a commercial kitchen as well as tools to get out and showcase the wonderful food we prepare and love to share."

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Superior Scents (Funded)

"A loan of $4,000 helped a Syrian immigrant to grow his scented oil business."

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