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The John R. Oishei Foundation

The John R. Oishei Foundation

LISC is proud to share the news that The John R. Oishei Foundation has expanded its support of LISC Buffalo with a generous grant of $375,000 to fund the Building Sustainable Communities (BSC) initiative. BSC, a comprehensive, national community revitalization strategy, is helping to create positive environments in targeted neighborhoods in Buffalo. Through BSC, LISC Buffalo works to ensure that residents of varied income levels are provided the opportunities and tools needed to build assets, to participate in their communities, and to become part of the mainstream economy.

“Neighborhood stabilization remains a key area of interest of the Oishei Foundation,” says its President Robert Gioia. “The resources LISC brings to our community leverages the Foundation’s support of this work.” LISC Buffalo benefits from the service of Blythe Merrill, the Foundation’s Senior Vice President, on its advisory committee.

The John R. Oishei Foundation strives to be a catalyst for change to enhance the economic vitality and quality of life for the Buffalo Niagara region through grantmaking, leadership and network building. The Foundation was established in 1940 by John R. Oishei, founder of Trico Products Corporation.

The John R. Oishei Foundation is an important collaborator with LISC and we appreciate its commitment to Buffalo and its residents.

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Community development is a dramatic example of what can happen when the goals and resources of the public, private and nonprofit sectors align. Since 1980, LISC has been able to combine the vision and the capacity of community-based organizations with the resources and expertise of the private sector, and the indispensable underpinning of supportive public policies to transform and rebuild low-income neighborhoods into healthy, sustainable communities of choice across our nation. Over the past 32 years, LISC has invested more than $12.9 billion for community development activities that build affordable homes, retail and community facilities and create new jobs. More than 3,100 donors, investors and lenders have contributed to LISC.

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