Lending at a Glance

2014 1st Q 2015
total committed $144,231,713 $33,053,681
affordable homes & apartments 5,954 1,381
sq. feet of community facility space 284,567 34,600
sq. feet of commercial / industrial space 420,560 221,877
number of states 24 12
number of actions* 164 32

* Includes approvals for loans, lines of credit, guarantees, amendments and revolving disbursements above approval amount; 2015 lending statistics are initial and subject to change after program review.


LISC is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that offers financing during all stages of projects, from predevelopment to permanent financing, across a wide variety of community development project types, from large affordable housing projects to small business loans. We seek to strike the right balance between taking risks consistent with our role as a charitable lender and recovering our capital so we can make funds available to future projects. For information on LISC’s products and project types, download the descriptions below. Individual LISC offices and programs may offer additional products for their particular markets. To learn more, visit Where We Work.

For additional information, download:

LISC Lending Products LISC Lending Projects

LISC offers equity financing through our affiliate subsidiaries: The National Equity Fund, Inc; The New Markets Support Company; and The Community Development Trust.
> For more information, see Affiliates.

> For more industry information and events, see LISC's Institute for Comprehensive Community Development calendar.

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Elise Balboni

Senior Vice President: Elise Balboni


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