Lending at a Glance

2013 Q2 2014
total committed $107,043,819 $70,221,530
affordable homes & apartments 3,540 2,104
sq. feet of community facility space 511,211 161,216
sq. feet of commercial / industrial space 391,917 224,269
number of states 21 17
number of actions* 156 80

* Includes approvals for loans, lines of credit, guarantees, amendments and revolving disbursements above approval amount


LISC is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that offers financing during all stages of projects, from predevelopment to permanent financing, across a wide variety of community development project types, from large affordable housing projects to small business loans. We seek to strike the right balance between taking risks consistent with our role as a charitable lender and recovering our capital so we can make funds available to future projects. For information on LISC’s products and project types, download the descriptions below. Individual LISC offices and programs may offer additional products for their particular markets. To learn more, visit Where We Work.

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LISC offers equity financing through our affiliate subsidiaries: The National Equity Fund, Inc; The New Markets Support Company; and The Community Development Trust.
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Investment Highlights

Providing financing for real estate projects in low-income communities is one of LISC's core activities. Below are featured project investments:

Commonwealth and Glenville Apartments, Boston, MA

LISC Financing: $500,000 loan | $10,000 green grant

For over thirty years, Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation (ABCDC) has worked alongside residents and community stakeholders to cultivate a strong neighborhood in Allston Brighton, Boston’s second largest neighborhood. The bustling community faces high demand in the Boston rental market due to its close proximity to the MBTA Green Line and its unique location amid a multitude of nearby colleges. Learn More

Mayfair Commons, Chicago, IL

LISC Financing: $152,000 loan | $10,000 green grant

Albany Park is a multi-ethnic community situated in the northwest side of Chicago. In 1962, local residents and institutions, concerned for the physical state of the neighborhood, founded the North River Commission (NRC). Although it began as a small community organization, NRC grew to unite more than 100 organizations, including civic associations, businesses, schools and places of worship. Learn More

Historic Central State, Indianapolis, IN

LISC Financing:$3 million loan | $5,000 green grant

Established in 2006, Reverie Estates is already viewed as a strong facilitator of innovative and professional development ideas in Downtown Indianapolis. While focusing on the revitalization of historic properties, it specializes in creative and mixed-use urban developments that energize communities and transform quality of life. Learn More

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