Distressed communities need supportive public policies to rebuild. LISC maintains an active public policy presence at the federal, state and local levels. The objectives of LISC's policy initiatives are established through careful collaboration with our local offices. LISC’s policy office assists local program offices along with rural and urban CDCs with the advocacy process while working with other national and state organizations on wide-ranging community development issues.

LISC's locally driven and partnership-based approach to policy attracts support from both ends of the political spectrum. Rural and urban policy makers alike recognize LISC’s well-documented success in building communities while leveraging substantial private capital. Additionally, LISC's holistic approach to building communities attracts policy allies from the from business, social service, education, environmental, and community development sectors.

LISC's commitment to this comprehensive approach towards community development means that we utilize a wide array of federal programs, cutting across numerous agencies and Congressional committees. Some of the most critical federal programs that contribute to our efforts, and to those of our community partners in rural and urban communities nationwide, are listed here.

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Senior Vice President of Policy: Matt Josephs


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