Donor of the Month

U.S. Bank Foundation

During this challenging time, partners like U.S. Bank have stepped up and leaned in, offering support to the people and places that need it the most. LISC is thankful for U.S. Bank Foundation’s recent $500,000 grant to support our COVID-19 recovery efforts, a significant and early investment in our COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund that helped mobilize other funders.

The grant is helping meet the immediate and short-term needs of community-based Small Business Support Organizations and the entrepreneurs they serve. To ensure that recovery is inclusive in the COVID-19 era, and that the communities where LISC works are included in economic recovery, LISC is leveraging U.S. Bank Foundation’s support to:

  • Invest in Small Business Support Organizations in five cities (Chicago, Duluth, Phoenix, Saint Paul, and San Diego) to deliver technical assistance and grants to help neighborhood businesses weather the economic impact of COVID-19
    Small Business Support Organizations engage residents and businesses to facilitate their inclusion in mainstream prosperity. These organizations are helping businesses develop short- and long-term recovery strategies tailored to local conditions, helping businesses access public resources and private capital, and providing access to small grants to help them remain open or re-open.
  • Create and deploy specialized resources for small business partners across the country
    Resources include an online Commercial District Recovery Guide​ that provides comprehensive strategies to support and sustain local small businesses, including preparing for future disasters. LISC is also facilitating a webinar series to address the rapidly-evolving needs of small businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.   

This investment is the culmination of a partnership dating back to 1988. Over the years, U.S. Bank has provided critical support for LISC’s comprehensive work, including our efforts in the areas of affordable housing, economic development, and capacity-building. LISC is grateful for the bank’s leadership on our Board and Local Advisory Committees, and for reminding us all that “hope isn’t quarantined” and “caring isn’t postponed.”

U.S. Bank is driven by the desire to make communities stronger – it’s at the heart of everything they do.

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