Donor of the Month

TD Bank

LISC is thankful for our long-term partnership with TD Charitable Foundation. The Foundation’s most recent grant supports implementation of our comprehensive approach to equitable community development in twelve markets of common interest – Boston, Charlotte, Connecticut, Delaware, Greenville, Hartford, Jacksonville, New York City, Newark, Philadelphia, Rhode Island, and Washington, D.C. In each site, we are focusing on affordable housing production and preservation, helping to make quality, affordable housing available to all residents—from seniors to veterans to the formerly homeless.

LISC views safe, affordable housing as the foundation for sustainable, eco­nomically vibrant and diverse neighborhoods and key to individual health and well-being. Increasing the supply of and access to affordable housing remains the cornerstone of our mission and our local offices actively deploy place-based strategies to address this need. Thus, the majority of the funds from TD Charitable Foundation will support our ongoing, local, on-the-ground affordable housing preservation and development implementation strategies in these markets, including expansion efforts in Delaware, Charlotte and Greenville. TD Charitable Foundation’s flexible support enables LISC offices in each market to target their greatest affordable housing needs. 

“Having access to affordable housing is not only critical to one’s financial health, but also to one’s overall well-being. The Foundation is committed to supporting individuals and families in the communities in which we live and work. Through our strategic partnership with LISC, we’re working to sustain long-term social and economic growth,” said Paige Carlson-Heim, Director, TD Charitable Foundation.

TD Charitable Foundation has been an important partner of LISC for nearly a quarter of a century, providing grants, loans, and equity investments to communities as well as volunteer service on our Local Advisory Committees.

TD Bank’s community investments are aligned with TD Bank's Social Impact platform, The Ready Commitment, focused on addressing the four interconnected areas of greatest concern to those residing in North America: financial security; the environment; creating connected, inclusive communities; and better health.

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