Over the past three and half decades, MetLife Foundation has invested more than $134,000,000 in grants, loans, and equity in LISC’s work to help disinvested communities nationwide. In addition, Dennis White, the Foundation’s president and CEO, provides valuable guidance to LISC by serving on our national board.

Eduardo Carrera, a client of MetLife Foundation-support Center for Changing Lives in Chicago, works closely with his financial coach.
MetLife Foundation is helping expand our Bridges to Career Opportunities model, which connects clients to real-world training in skills that local employers need. (Photo credit: EMERGE)
MetLife Foundation supported the rehabilitation of a blighted army base into a 28,000 square-foot community center adjacent to 60 new supportive housing units. The center helps veterans expand their skills and find jobs. Photo from nefinc.org
Blue Butterfly Village is one of the first developments in the U.S. focused on formerly homeless women veterans and their children. MetLife Foundation’s early support helped move the project forward. Photo from nefinc.org
MetLife Foundation Community-Police Partnership Awards recognize innovative collaborations between community organizations and police departments that promote safety and revitalization, like University City District and the Philadelphia Police Department.
MetLife Foundation’s President & CEO Dennis White (front right) joined Chief Dean Esserman (New Haven Police), Lisa Cashin (LISC Vice Chair), U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, and Michael Rubinger (LISC President & CEO) at a LISC Safety forum.

MetLife Foundation’s generosity reaches across LISC. It is a key funder of our Financial Opportunity Centers, helping to expand the national network and implement the Twin Accounts credit savings product. The Foundation is also critical to LISC Safety, partnering to recognize, sustain and share the work of innovative partnerships between community groups and police to promote neighborhood safety and revitalization. In addition, it has helped develop 1,150 units for homeless and very low-income veterans through Bring Them HOMES, our national veterans supportive housing initiative for which it provided founding support and continues to bolster.

“MetLife Foundation will have an impact that far exceeds the dollars they invest.”
— Michael Rubinger, former LISC President & CEO
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