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For nearly 40 years, LISC has been a fulcrum for community development, an indispensable force that enables remarkable work to happen. Our mission drives us to listen carefully to the ways Americans want to transform their lives and revitalize their communities. Our decades of experience help us identify the critical juncture in each project where we can make the greatest difference.

LISC’s investments help restore a community’s faith in itself. As a Peoria resident explained, by financing the first new home construction in 20 years in his neighborhood, “LISC actually made people want to sit on their porches again.”

Wherever we work, we are a trusted broker: in Toledo, LISC was instrumental in getting legislation passed to curtail predatory lending. And we support people in mastering the tools they need to get ahead, like the single mother of four in Kansas City who has gone from fast-food jobs to a bachelor’s degree and job that, as she says, show her children that “you are not your circumstances.”

We have hundreds of such stories from across the country. Here are 31, each an illustration of LISC’s essential contribution.


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Join us as we work with residents and partners, to forge resilient and inclusive communities of opportunity across America. 

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Top photo credit: Annie O'Neill Photography