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Annie O'Neill Photography

2011 Highlights

Goal 1: The Built Environment: New York, N.Y.–Omaje Scott; Tulare County, Calif.–Courtesy of Self-Help Housing; Milwaukee, Wis.-Milwaukee LISC archives

Goal 2: Family Income & Assets: Lake Cumberland, Ken.–Whitney Hale, Univ. of Kentucky; Duluth, Minn.–Courtesy of Community Action Duluth; Chicago, Ill.–Gordon Walek

Goal 3: Economic Vitality: Washington, D.C. – DC LISC; Buffalo, N.Y.–Anthony Armstrong, Buffalo LISC; Kalamazoo, Mich.–Michigan LISC

Goal 4: Quality Education: Guildford, Conn–Amy Gillman; Los Angeles, Calif.–Courtesy of Alliance Schools; Phoenix, Ariz.-Courtesy of Educare Arizona; Chicago, Ill.-Courtesy of UNO Charter Schools

Goal 5: Health & Environment: Detroit, Mich.-Ulises Silva, Detroit LISC; Greenville, Miss.-Doug Buerlein; Indianapolis, Ind.-Indianapolis LISC

Local Stories

Boston: Greig Cranna

Buffalo: Anthony Armstrong, Buffalo LISC

Chicago: Gordon Walek

Cincinnati: Cincinnati LISC

Connecticut: Women's Institute for Housing and Economic Development

Detroit: Ulises Silva, Detroit LISC

Duluth: Courtesy of Community Action Duluth

Hartford: Northside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance

Houston: Houston LISC

Indianapolis: Indianapolis LISC

Jacksonville: Jacksonville LISC

Kansas City: Kansas City LISC

Los Angeles: Alliance for College Ready Public Schools

Michigan: Michigan LISC

Mid South Delta: Doug Buerlein

Milwaukee: Milwaukee LISC

New York City: Omaje Scott

Newark: Newark LISC

Phoenix: LISC Phoenix

Pittsburgh (through PPND): PPND

Rhode Island: Rhode Island LISC

Rural: Whitney Hale, Univ. of Kentucky

San Diego: LISC San Diego archives

San Francisco Bay Area: Richmond Community Foundation

Toledo: One Village Financial Opportunity Center

Twin Cities: Annie O’Neill Photography

Virginia: Virginia LISC

Washington DC: DC LISC

Washington State (through Impact Capital): Lisa Monet Photography

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