Community Voices

Building Sustainable Communities means creating good places to live. It’s a simple concept; it’s where neighbors can grow and prosper.

Consider North Minneapolis, where LISC has provided millions of dollars in capital, development expertise and program support that has changed the outlook for this long-struggling community.

There, hard-working families can find quality homes within their means. Individuals can find jobs, expand their incomes and save for the future. Entrepreneurs have the chance to launch new businesses, so families can shop locally for the goods and services they need. Kids learn to succeed in a new school. And all residents can live, work, play, and create with confidence that they are safe in their own community. LISC’s Building Sustainable Communities work is helping to make people’s lives better.

It’s the same approach we are taking in hundreds of places all over the country. With LISC, residents in urban areas and rural counties push their communities beyond long histories of decline and drive positive, sustainable change for everyone.

Building Sustainable Communities in the Twin Cities

Goal 1: The Built Environment

Goal 2: Family Income & Assets

Goal 3: Economic Vitality

Goal 4: Quality Education

Goal 5: Health & Environment