LISC National

What We Do

Every neighborhood is a unique tapestry—a complex system of interconnected, moving parts. That is precisely why no single solution can ever hope to address all of a struggling neighborhood’s needs. Disinvested places must be revived on multiple fronts. LISC helps residents and local organizations do just that.

We invest in overlapping program areas that reach into every corner of community life. Our approach is comprehensive, effective, and—most importantly—rooted in what neighbors want for themselves, their families, and the places they call home.

Economic Development

We invest in programs that support entrepreneurship, attract new businesses, diversify the local retail mix and stimulate employment in Bay Area neighborhoods.

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Affordable Housing

We support the creation of quality, affordable housing as a basic requisite of well-being—for individuals and communities. It’s the cornerstone of our mission.

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Financial Stability

A job alone is not enough. Our financial stability initiatives help people build credit and savings, hone job skills, and balance their household budget.

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We support 3 fundamental resources every healthy neighborhood needs: easy access to pri­mary health care, affordable, nutritious food, & safe places to exercise.

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Building Strong Organizations

We partner with local organizations who engage residents in the work of neighborhood renewal. Through training, technical assistance, & funding, we help them do their best work.

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