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Applications are now closed for LISC's 2019 Advanced Housing Development Training Institute

The 2017 Advanced HDTI cohort

The 2017 Advanced HDTI cohort.

The California LISC offices will be offering this 4-day training focused on utilizing tax credits and tax exempt bonds to finance the preservation and creation of affordable housing.  Advanced HDTI will take place October 7-10, 2019 in the Bay Area. 

LISC’s 2019 Advanced HDTI is made possible by the generous support of MUFG Union Bank.

Bay Area LISC’s mission is to equip low-income communities with the capital, strategies, and know-how to become places that thrive. For 30 years, LISC’s Housing Development Training Institute (HDTI) has played a crucial role in fulfilling this mission, by helping affordable housing developers develop the many skills they need to meet the rising demand for safe, affordable housing.

HDTI graduates have completed more than 35,000 affordable homes in California.

Bay Area LISC launched HDTI in response to an unmet need for a comprehensive program to develop the real estate development skills of community based organizations. The skills required to develop affordable housing and economic development projects are complex and multifaceted, and the pool of professionals with extensive development experience in this field is limited. HDTI represents a significant investment in the development of human capital by increasing the skills of new and new-to-development staff members.


Since the program launched, LISC HDTI graduates have completed more than 35,000 affordable homes in California.

The 2018-2019 HDTI Fundamentals Class was the largest ever, with 58 graduates statewide (24 from the Bay Area). Graduates from the 2018-2019 HDTI training will apply their new skills to collectively create, rehabilitate and preserve over 4,200 affordable homes throughout California.

Industry Retention:
of HDTI alumni still work in affordable housing in California
Professional Development:
66% of participants
have transitioned to management positions in the industry
Leadership Development
28% of participants:
have transitioned to executive positions in the industry
“I am so grateful for the HDTI training; I had a much greater depth of understanding of the development process because of this training. The substance of the training was exactly what I needed as a new developer. And most importantly, I also got to know my peers in the affordable housing community”.
— HDTI Alumni, from 2019 evaluation report by Sharon D'Costa, MPP
“Now, as an executive in the affordable housing field, I truly appreciate the immense value that a comprehensive training like HDTI provides in developing organizational capacity. I would love to send all of my new hires to HDTI!”
— HDTI Alumni, from 2019 evaluation report by Sharon D'Costa, MPP
“The training was transformative for me in getting to know bright and mission-driven people. The exposure has been inspiring and has kept me in the affordable housing sector. It also offered me the opportunity to expand my network which in turn allowed me transition to an organization that is more development-centric (vs. services). I was also able to connect with a mentor during the course of the training. Without the HDTI, I likely would have left the affordable housing sector”
— HDTI Alumni, from 2019 evaluation report by Sharon D'Costa, MPP
A Boot Camp for Non-Profits Combating Homelessness Across California

As California's homelessness & affordable housing crisis deepens, LISC's Housing Development Training Institute (the only program of its kind) readies project managers to help close the housing gap across California. 

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