LISC National

About Us

LISC tackles the issues that have the greatest impact on community, family, and individual stability -- affordable rent, living-wage jobs, good physical and mental health, having a voice in matters that affect their future -- all at once, so that progress in one area is not undermined by neglect in another.

It's a strategy we call Resilient Communities, Resilient Families, and the people and places we support guide our work. In partnership with community-based organizations and local leaders, we equip under-invested communities with the capital, strategy, and know-how to become places where people can thrive.

We have invested
$286 million
in Massachusetts communities

As part of a national organization with deep local roots, LISC Boston is uniquely positioned to share resources, best practices, and innovations with the communities we serve. Ours was the first local LISC office, opened in 1983, to finance the development of affordable housing. Since then, our work has expanded to address arange of overlapping issues that influence quality of life.

What Makes Us Different?

We are on the ground
Our staff knows the neighborhoods where we work because we live in them, too. We have long-standing relationships with CDCs and community organizations across the state, as well as with local, city, and state agencies and elected officials.

We listen
LISC engages local leaders and neighbors to plan, set goals, and measure progress. We bring local issues to city, state, and national policy leaders.

We innovate
LISC tests ground-breaking ideas locally and adapts them to serve communities across the Commonwealth.

We leverage 
LISC invests in distressed neighborhoods for maximum impact. Every dollar we invest attracts another $3 in private capital. 

We see the big picture
LISC’s approach is comprehensive. We work on housing, businesses, jobs, education, health and safety in the same place at the same time.

We persevere
Markets go up and down, political winds shift, fads come and go. But LISC stays the course.

We have an impact
See how far $286 million goes.