LISC National
About Us


Karen E. Kelleher, Executive Director

(617) 410-4333

Karen E. Kelleher brings more than 20 years of experience driving housing affordability and building strong, inclusive communities to her role as Executive Director of LISC Boston. 

Margaret Keaveny, Senior Program Officer, Lending and Investment

(617) 410-4340

Margaret Keaveny is responsible for LISC lending and investment to foster equitable and inclusive housing and comunity development initiatives, and technical assistance to support real estate development and enhance community capacity.

Tina Petigny, Senior Program Officer for Economic Opportunity

Tina Petigny leads and manages all of LISC Boston's income and asset building, economic development and entrepreneurship activities.

Emily Jones, Senior Program Officer, Green Retrofit Initiative

(617) 410-4336

Emily Jones provides day-to-day leadership and management of LISC Boston’s Green Retrofit Initiative, and serves as LISC Boston's interim Program Officer for Economic Opportunity.

Tia Vice, Program Officer, Program Operations

(617) 410-4343

Tia Vice serves as the Program Officer - Program Operations for LIS Boston. Tia is responsible for strategic communications and the management of LISC Boston's AmeriCorps Program.

Marilyn Sanchez, Office Manager

(617) 410-4338

Marilyn Sanchez provides operational support to staff. She serves on the board of the Alliance (Advancing Community Development by Confronting Racism), a joint initiative launched by LISC Boston and MACDC.


Our Values

  • We believe it is possible to end the continuous cycle of poverty, and in our ability to move the needle in that direction.
  • We believe that community-based organizations are essential to community development work.
  • ​We recognize that the neighborhoods we serve are rich in assets, resources, knowledge, solutions, and leadership, and that our role is to support them in building on these strengths to achieve their goals.
  • We believe in inclusive community engagement in all the program and investment opportunities that we pursue and implement.
  • Innovation and data both drive our approach to community development.
  • We strive to achieve both quantitative and qualitative outcomes that positively impact our neighborhoods and help us ensure a more equitable city.
  • We believe in the value of partnership and collaboration, both among staff and between LISC Boston and external organizations, to achieve collective impact. We recognize that each of us brings a unique wisdom and creativity to our work.