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It takes local partners on the ground to make any real, lasting change in a community. Local organizations know their neighborhoods the best and any solution must come from the ground up. LISC was founded on that belief with the mission to help these local organizations become strong and stable neighborhood institutions characterized by effective and responsible fiscal management and capable of carrying out a range of community revitalization activities.

While the bulk of our financial support is in lending and equity investments, much of it could not be done without also supporting the neighborhood groups that have the vision and ideas to get things done. Through our local offices and national programs, we provide grant funding to assist organizations keep the lights on, teach new skills to staff, and stabilize their operations. Grants are designed and provided consistent with local office strategies and local community development needs.

    Since 2010 we have granted
    $17 million
    to community-based organizations in MA

    What we offer

    • Organizational development grants that assist community organizations in improving their administrative structures, management and financial systems, and real estate development and management capacities
    • Strategic planning grants to cover costs associated with the creation of new programs that are important to an organization's overall mission and needs of the community's residents
    • Project grants to help cover costs associated with real estate development that further neighborhood revitalization goals
    • Clean and renewable energy grants that help affordable housing owners create green asset management plans and transition their portfolios to more sustainable energy sources
    • Other grants including, but not limited to, costs associated with training, consultants and award programs

    Current Grant Opportunities

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