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Transit-Oriented Development

There's no question that we need a greater number of affordable homes in Massachusetts. But where they're built has a significant impact on the ability of residents to thrive in these homes. People need to be able to get from home to work, school, shopping, and other services efficiently and affordably. And low-income communities in particular need smart plans that revive their economic prospects without pushing long-time residents out of the neighborhood.

Our TOD projects must be within 1/4 to 1/2 mile of major transit stations and stops.

LISC has been working on TOD the same way we do everything else— with a comprehensive view of healthy communities that taps the creativity of people in the neighborhood. We bring together public and private partners to listen, plan, fund, build and educate communities about how to make TOD pay off—both for residents and neighborhoods.

TOD Lending

The Equitable Transit-Oriented Development Accelerator Fund (ETODAF) was created by LISC Boston, The Boston Foundation, and the Hyams Foundation to provide developers with streamlined access to acquisition and predevelopment capital that can be used to acquire and advance strategic properties along transit corridors.



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