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Kiva Microloans

Through our partnership with the online crowdfunding platform Kiva, we are increasing access to capital for entrepreneurs. Small business owners can apply for loans of up to $10,000, with zero fees and 0% interest. We place special emphasis on women- and minority-owned businesses in Boston and Massachusetts's Gateway Cities.

Expanding Access to Capital Based on Character, Not Credit
Rather than evaluating a borrower's credit-worthiness based on credit scores, collateral, and cash flow, Kiva loans are based on a borrower's character and trust network. Our network of Trustees -- local organizations that vouch for an entrepreneur's character and the viability of her business -- endorse borrowers, who can then begin fundraising on the Kiva website. Members of the entrepreneur's personal network, as well as indiviual lenders from around the world, give as little as $25 towards the fundaising goal, and borrowers repay them within three years.

As a Kiva borrower, you’ll be able to...

  • Qualify for a loan based on your character and network
  • Access 0% interest, no fee loans up to $10,000
  • Interact with your supporters and boost brand exposure
  • Finance new product lines, purchase equipment and inventory, upgrade your technology, ramp up your marketing, and more

Get there faster with our 1:1 match

Through our Impact Lending program, LISC Boston is able to match all contributions to borrowers who have been endorsed by our Trustees. That means you can meet your fundraising goal -- and get to work on improving or expanding your business -- twice as fast!

Become a Borrower or Trustee

To find out if you're eligible for a Kiva loan, or to join our growing list of Trustees and begin helping local businesses raise capital, contact Karen Kelleher.

Make a loan to a local entrepreneur

It's easy to support local businesses with a loan of as little as $25. Take a look at who's currently raising funds, and see who we've made loans to to date.



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