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Green Retrofit Initiative

Our Green Retrofit Initiative has led energy and healthy housing work with Massachusetts affordable housing owners for over a decade. In that time, LISC has helped drive resources to the state’s affordable housing sector, aligned incentives to help owners maximize the energy efficiency of their properties, integrate appropriate clean energy technologies, decrease carbon emissions, and provide residents with a higher quality of life through energy efficiency and healthy housing improvements. Since 2009, LISC has worked with over 50 owners statewide to track energy performance of 20,000 units through benchmarking, retrofit over 10,000 units for greater efficiency, and leverage at least $40 million of investment in retrofitting.

Through our current work, we are collaborating with Massachusetts’ housing finance agencies to incorporate sustainability and climate resiliency strategies across their portfolios, provide relevant resources and trainings for the field, and promote policy that makes it easier for owners to pursue high-performance new construction approaches such as Passive House and achieve deep energy savings during property rehab.

See below for current grant opportunities and ways to partner.

Accepting Applications: Resilient Affordable Housing Grants

LISC Boston is providing grants for resiliency assessments and the creation of emergency preparedness plans for multifamily affordable housing. This program is for building owners and property managers looking to identify and proactively implement cost-effective resilient building strategies to help their properties and residents successfully withstand future climate impacts.

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Accepting Applications: Comprehensive Energy Audit Program

LISC Boston is offering grants to fund 50% of the cost of comprehensive energy audits and kickoff design meetings for multifamily affordable housing projects approaching rehab (or pursuing adaptive reuse) in Massachusetts. Participants are also eligible for free energy and water benchmarking services. We are targeting projects in design development so audits can fully inform the rehab scope of your project.

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Energy Cohort

The Energy Cohort is a peer learning group or “community of practice” for affordable housing professionals interested in energy efficiency, renewable energy, resiliency, and resident health to network, learn, and share information. Our goal is to support the affordable housing community in gaining expertise and successfully developing and preserving high-performance, resilient, and healthy buildings at scale.

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Toolkits + Resources

We've created these toolkits to help affordable housing developers, owners, and property managers make their buildings more healthy and energy-efficient, and save money in the process.

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Case Studies

These case studies offer concrete examples of the challenges affordable housing owners face in retrofitting their properties, and how, with the support of the Green Retrofit Initiative, they were able to overcome them and realize significant savings.

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Webinars + Forums

Our recent webinar and forum topics include Passive House, climate-ready buildings, and creative financing strategies for high-performance affordable housing.

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Green Retrofit Initiative participants have consistently realized between 20 and 29% savings, as illustrated by our own analysis and an independent review of the data.

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Energy Policy Work

LISC is committed to supporting an equitable, scalable transition to a carbon free future. Toward that end, LISC’s recent policy work has focused on driving adequate incentives and training for Passive House, a high performance energy standard with measurable health benefits.

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