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Opportunities Aplenty - Even In Efficient Buildings

1460 House, a LEED Silver certifiable building owned by Viet AID, had a domestic hot water pump that circulated 180°F water 24 hours a day, wasting electricity and gas when there was no demand for hot water. 

Case Study
Turning Crisis Into Energy Savings Opportunity

Atwood Acres decreased its gas and electricity consumption by 28.6 and 21.3 percent, respectively – saving the owner $9,154 in avoided annual operating expenses.

Case Study
Energy Upgrades + Refinancing = Major Savings

Upgrades to Brighton Allston Apartments resulted in a whopping 46% reduction in the development’s total gas consumption and saved $25,357 in annual utility expenses.

Case Study
Deep Retrofit Yields Dramatic Returns

Despite its challenging composition - 12 multi-family buildings - by focusing on energy and water upgrades, Powdermill Village was able to reduce utility expenses by more than 50%.

Case Study
Boiler Optimization Maximizes Savings

When McBride House replaced its old boiler with a new high-efficiency model, energy consumption did not decrease as expected. After optimization, gas usage decreased 18.8%. Together, the upgrade and optimization saved the owner $2,749 in annual operating expenses.

Case Study
Squeeze Every Btu Out of Your Retrofit

Through the Green Retrofit Initiative, the Chelsea Housing Authority was able to secure $463,565 from the utility efficiency program for Scrivano Apartments, which decreased electricity and gas use by 35.2 and 30.1%, respectively, and reduced the annual operating expenses by $29,223.

Case Study
Spotlight on Integrated Pest Management
  • Proactive inspections
  • Pest-specific protocols
  • Targeted use of pesticides
  • Engagement of maintenance staff and residents
  • Fewer pest problems
Case Study
Portfolio-Wide Smoke-Free Housing

Beacon Communities embraced the challenge to transition its predominately affordable housing portfolio of 12,000 apartments across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic to smoke-free, a process that took 24 months to complete.

Case Study
Spotlight on Smoke-Free Housing

Initial resident surveys of six Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Council-owned buildings showed that over 75% of residents wanted to live in a smoke-free property. Urban Edge, surveying residents of its Roxbury-based Walnut Washington Apartments, found that 80% of residents preferred to live in a smoke-free building. 

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