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Energy Cohort

The Energy Cohort is a peer learning group or “community of practice” for affordable housing professionals interested in energy efficiency, renewable energy, resiliency, and resident health to network, learn, and share information.

Participants are encouraged to share promising practices as well as challenges/barriers to adoption and advancement. Our goal is to support the affordable housing community in gaining expertise and successfully developing and preserving high-performance, resilient, and healthy buildings at scale.

We welcome both nonprofit (including community development corporations) and for-profit affordable housing stakeholders to join us. While certain discussion topics may be of particular interest to owners/developers, property managers, building trade professionals, and/or consultants, sessions are open to all interested professionals who have some role in energy/water stewardship, resiliency, and/or resident health at their respective organizations.

LISC, MACDC, and New Ecology co-convene the Energy Cohort, which builds on previous public forums and peer groups we have hosted that support capacity building for the sector. We source topics through direct partner requests as well as field surveys developed in collaboration with MACDC and housing finance agencies. Past and upcoming topics include Creating a Culture of Stewardship; Maximizing Energy Efficiency of Existing Buildings; Achieving Green and Healthy Building Standards; Financing High-Performance Buildings; Using Healthy Building Materials; Integrating Solar and Battery Storage; Increasing Building and Community Resilience; Building Electrification; and Planning Regenerative Buildings. Additional suggestions are welcome.

We host quarterly in-person meetings, with virtual learning networks as desired.

Please contact Emily Jones at LISC ( to learn more and join us.



Emily Jones