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Massachusetts has a booming innovation economy that continues to grow, but we are facing a multi-dimensional housing crisis. That crisis is eroding our middle class, deepening our income inequality and exacerbating existing racial inequity which threatens the sustainability of that growth. Many housing leaders are working on these issues in impactful ways, yet we know our current solutions are inadequate.

Through the Next Level Housing Solutions initiative, LISC and partners The Boston Foundation and CHAPA seek to facilitate conversations that dovetail with and support all of these efforts while calling upon us, together, to build the solutions and coalitions that are needed to meaningfully address the known crisis. With this, we aim to collectively take our responses to the next level and unlock the potential our community has to meet this crisis head-on.

The Next Discussion

Next Level Housing Solutions Symposium

Postponed due to COVID-19
This event was scheduled for April 9, 2020. We will be in touch about ways to continue this important conversation in the future. Sign up for the Next Level mailing list. For our responses to COVID-19, see our latest e-message.

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Other Discussions

July 2019 - April 2020
  • Tackling Income Inequality and Driving Racial Equity
  • Creative Policy Solutions
  • Creative Financing Solutions
  • Aligning Leaders and Solutions Across Sectors
  • Building Urgency and Political Will
  • Next Level Housing Symposium
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In the News

Op-Ed: Four Things the State Must Do to Ease the Housing Crisis

In an op-ed for the Boston Globe, Karen E. Kelleher, LISC Boston’s executive director, and Paul S. Grogan, CEO of the Boston Foundation and former LISC CEO, sound an urgent call to action to tackle their city's affordable housing crisis.

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We have a state housing supply gap of
39,000 units
due largely to high construction costs and restrictive local land use policies.


How can I take my response to the Next Level?

  • Join the Conversation. Click here to join the Next Level Housing Solutions conversation.  This just means you will receive information and event updates.
  • Share your ideas.  Bring your ideas to the meetings described above or submit them anytime via  You can also volunteer to help plan and facilitate a particular discussion group.
  • Help us broaden the conversation.   Forward this notice to another community, business, thought or civic leader or influencer and ask them to join the Next Level Housing Solutions conversation.
  • Spread the Word.  Look for opportunities to share with your neighbors and your community about these challenges and work for solutions in your neighborhood, city, town or community.
Share your thoughts or consider joining our team of partners. Email your ideas and comments to . We will aggregate and share the ideas and comments.


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