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Who We Are

Our Strategy

Mission Statement

With residents and partners, LISC forges resilient and inclusive communities of opportunity across America – great places to live, work, visit, do business and raise families.

LISC's strategy seeks to revitalize neighborhoods and improve the quality of life for families through three key areas:

  • Building the Physical Environment 
  • Increasing Family Income and Wealth
  • Developing Partner Capacity

LISC Central Illinois will begin by focusing on housing and family stability in the following ways:

New Housing Units on Behrends Avenue
New Housing Units on Behrends Avenue

Building the Physical Environment
LISC believes a safe, affordable home is one of the basic requisites of life - a key to individual health and well-being and the foundation for sustainable, economically vibrant and diverse neighborhoods.

Housing is where LISC started. And it’s still the cornerstone of our mission, even as our vision has expanded to incorporate work to improve education, health, safety and economic growth in the places where we work. LISC helps make quality, affordable housing available to low-income and vulnerable residents—from seniors to veterans to the formerly homeless—in underserved communities.

Increasing Family Income & Wealth
Healthy, sustainable communities are made up of people who have living wage jobs and feel confident about their economic futures. To get there, residents need the skills to advance along the path of employment and manage their money well.Financial Opportunity Centers (FOCs) are career and personal finance service centers that help low-to moderate-income people build smart money habits and focus on the financial bottom line. LISC has a network of nearly 100 FOCs across the country that are trusted, known for their history of providing quality services, and convenient to where people live and seek out services.

LISC sponsored Neighborhood Academy graduates of the South Side
LISC sponsored Neighborhood Academy graduates of the South Side

Developing Community Partner Capacity
Our work hinges on the insight, experience and expertise of hundreds of community development groups rebuilding neighborhoods across the country. The better they do their job, the better we can do ours--and the more communities we support together.

So we help them to become more effective change-makers. We do this through financing, in the form of operating grants and working capital. And it happens via training programs and learning opportunities for staff and leadership at the community development corporations (CDCs) and many other local groups with whom we partner.