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City of Charlotte Micro Business Relief Fund

Our collective efforts are accelerating in response to COVID-19’s ramifications, and we are pleased to announce the City of Charlotte has partnered with LISC to deploy the Micro Business Relief Fund (MBRF). The MBRF is a $1,000,000 fund created to provide grants to support microenterprises financially impacted by COVID-19. The fund will provide grant capital up to $10,000 to eligible entities to assist in meeting urgent needs. Funds may only be used for ongoing operational costs such as payroll, vendors, utilities, and rent.  The Fund is made possible by Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding provided by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. CDBG is a type of federal funding with specific funding eligibility criteria.



To qualify for the program, applicant entities must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a microenterprise that is defined as a commercial enterprise that has five or fewer employees, one or more of whom owns the enterprise.
  • The majority owner of the microenterprise must be a member of a Low to Moderate Income family with an annual income that is less than 80% of Area Median Income.
  • Located on the Opportunity Corridor Map as identified by the City of Charlotte in its current development and revitalization plan. (See areas highlighted in dark blue.) You may enter your physical business address to determine location eligibility.
  • Nonprofit organizations, liquor stores, check cashing agencies, gun shops, pawn shops and adult entertainment businesses are ineligible for this application.

Be sure to check the City of Charlotte’s website or LISC’s Covid-19 Resource page for the latest resources available to nonprofit organizations and individuals.

LISC recommends you begin collecting the following information. If you are selected as a finalist, you will be required to submit below documentation to further prove eligibility. You will not need to submit the below documents via the online application

  • Documentation that the business is located in an Opportunity Corridor via tax returns or lease contract.
  • Proposed use of funds up to $10,000 itemized by type and amount dedicated.
  • Explanation of how the business has been impacted by the COVID-19 national emergency and how grant funding will be used to stabilize operations.
  • Documentation that establishes the microenterprise majority business owner as being a member of a low to moderate-income family as determined by HUD area median income standards based on income and family size. Please see table below for specific details:
Maximum Income Limits
1 Person2345678

*CDBG Limits

  • Most recent two years personal tax return establishing annual income and number of household members as well as business tax returns.
  • Year-to-date Profit and Loss statement supported by documentation of revenue stream (i.e. Business Bank Statements, PayPal/Square Accounts) calculated to show anticipated annual.
  • Upon review, additional information may be requested.


Application Period

The application period for the Micro Business Relief Fund is now closed. Please continue to check back to this page for future updates.

Should you need any assistance, please email or you may call 980-224-2589. We will return your message and/or call within 24 hours.