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Creative Placemaking  

Often a small investment in a particular place, such as a new mural, plaza or community garden, can be a powerful catalyst for positive change in a neighborhood. LISC has provided numerous small grants and loans to help neighborhood partners make targeted improvements that add beauty, attract pedestrian traffic or improve safety.

Examples include:

  • Partner community organizations and residents with local artists to collaboratively create or enhance neighborhood assets through murals, cultural plans or reimagined gathering places.
  • Facilitate cultural expressions of people and place paired with activation of vacant spaces.


Large Lots

The Large Lots Program is a City of Chicago neighborhood stabilization initiative to help property owners, block clubs and non-profit groups in select Chicago neighborhoods purchase City-owned land for $1.

The goals of the program:

  • Give local residents greater control over vacant land in their neighborhood
  • Dispose of some of the City-owned land in these neighborhoods efficiently, which returns the land to the tax rolls
  • Create wealth in the community by allowing owners to sell land after five years
  • Increase safety, build community and raise home values by creating more neighborhood-level investment

If you own property in one of roughly 30 communities throughout Chicago, you can apply to purchase up to two vacant lots for $1 each from the City of Chicago. The lots must be on the same block as the land you already own. Lots are for sale only during distinct application periods administered by the City. Visit to learn more.


Lauren Lewis - Program Officer, Neighborhood Network