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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 11th Street Bridge Park?

The 11th Street Bridge Park is Washington, D.C.'s first elevated public park, and will be perched over the Anacostia River. Located on the piers of the old 11th Street Bridge, this venue will be a space for healthy recreation, environmental education, and the arts. Bridge Park is a project that came from the local community, was designed by the community, and is a resource for the residents of the community. For more information, visit

What neighborhoods does Elevating Equity focus on?

Elevating Equity investments are targeted in the neighborhoods located within a one-mile radius of the future site of the 11th Street Bridge Park. These neighborhoods include Anacostia, Fairlawn, Hillsdale, Capitol Hill, and the Navy Yard.

How does LISC DC implement Elevating Equity?

LISC DC will work through its nonprofit partners to invest in viable, feasible projects and initiatives that are being developed and implemented in the respective neighborhoods. We will vet nonprofits and other partners, and provide resources that help to preserve existing neighborhood and community assets, and create new opportunities for lower-income residents and other historically marginalized groups.

How did LISC DC get involved with the 11th Street Bridge Park? 

LISC DC first started working with Scott Kratz, the 11th Street Bridge Park Director, in 2013. Since then, LISC DC’s partnership with the Bridge Park team has evolved. Initially, LISC DC provided a small grant to help them get started. Over the course of 2015, however, LISC DC provided extensive technical support in the form of design, project management, and data analysis as Bridge Park carried out their Equitable Development Plan (EDP). Elevating Equity is, in part, LISC DC’s commitment to helping implement the recommendations in the EDP.

Does the launch of Elevating Equity mean that LISC DC will only focus on development near the Bridge Park? 

No! LISC DC will continue to invest in and support communities and nonprofit partners throughout the District of Columbia.

How can I get involved? 

LISC DC is seeking additional partners to leverage its $50 million commitment. This includes philanthropic and corporate support in the form of low-interest loans, grants, and in-kind services.


Adam Kent, Senior Program Officer