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What We Do

Partner Capacity Building

Local partners on the ground make real, lasting change in a community. LISC was founded to help local organizations become strong, capable, and stable neighborhood institutions characterized by effective and responsible fiscal management, capable of carrying out a range of community revitalization activities. Local organizations know their neighborhoods best, and forge solutions that grow from the ground up.

LISC DC’s role is to fill gaps by bringing financial resources, serving as a technical expert, and creating partnerships to give a boost to the community’s efforts. 

From an internal capacity perspective, local partners may require assistance with building out their financial management and development capacities, especially with securing funding for operating costs, identifying strategies for effective Board management, and measuring impact. 

From a housing perspective, non-profits seek increased capacity to produce and preserve affordable housing at the rate to meet the need, as well as the ability to compete with the for-profit developers for city housing development subsidies.

Our HUD Section 4 dollars help us build partners’ capacity in these areas, both through targeted grant funding and through technical assistance.


Ramon Jacobson, Executive Director